Catalyst :

To save precious time

We do not pretend to know everything. No one can. But we know where to look when we need information, to get a new perspective on a specific topic or to discover content that would never have crossed our paths otherwise. maars team does this research work on a daily basis. And rather than keeping it to ourselves, we wanted to offer it to you. Catalyst is your personalized press review to become a better version of yourself, with content selected by humans, not algorythms.

Accessing information has never been so easy. And that is precisely the problem

Fight against infobesity

There is too much content, everywhere, all the time and on all platforms. It is impossible and even harmful to keep up. And at the same time, we are constantly solicited on our computers and smartphones. As a result, the fear of missing key information is omnipresent. There is an acronym for this : FOMO. That is, Fear Of Missing Out. We will help you to overcome it.

Control the quality of the content

Behind a catchy title is often a lot of disappointing content that is simply copied and pasted. There is no editorial quality charter that can control the relevance of content that can bring you real added value. Good news, that's what we are going to do.

Reduce the filter effect

Information shared on social networks creates dangerous information bubbles. These are filter effects that trap you, feeding a well-known cognitive bias : that of confirmation. In other words, you'll only read what you agree with without hearing other arguments. Furthermore, the filter effect always restricts you to the same formats or publishers, when there could be incredible nuggets of wisdom right next door. Finding quality content takes time and requires you to be digitally savvy. We will help you to find it.

Catalyst features

High quality content

Catalyst offers content specially selected by our teams that meets your individual needs. Articles, movies, documentaries, books, podcasts, apps… We offer useful, positive, energizing and actionable content to boost your brain, move you and open you up to a new universe. We do not own this content, which remains hosted on the publishers' platforms. The idea is to help you discover it, a bit like Goggle News does for the news for instance.

The goal is not completeness, but added value

Each content is identified, hand-picked and shared by humans according to our editorial policy.

Catalyst is free for all and will always be free

Our belief is that no one should  pay to access knowledge. We carry out this selection process for you and offer it to you through our platform. Some content is free and accessible to all, other content may require payment or subscription. The choice is then up to you.

We tell ourselves that for the price of a coffee a day, we would prefer to limit our consumption of caffeine and to subscribe to the major newspapers, magazines and sites that work daily to try to change the world in their way.

What Catalyst is not

  • A competitor to the news site

    It is not a competitor to Google News. We don't cover new stories.

  • A comprehensive system

    We are only interested in the best of personal and professional development through the 5 pillars of maars (mission, autonomy, action, relationships and health). All personalized and affordable for all.

  • A spreader of Fake news

    It is not a tool for spreading buzz sites, fake news and conspiracy theories. We only relay information from reliable, documented, verified and positive sources.

Some examples of content

you will find on Catalyst

Work, salary, profit

A must-read series to understand how the principles of economics shape our lives. Documentaries to ask yourself the right question and apply the answers to your own values, inspirations and projects.

#FOMO : digital fear of missing out

The acronym FOMO ("Fear Of Missing Out") refers to the fear of missing information online. An anxiety that can turn into a compulsive disorder, a consequence of an addiction to social networks and that says a lot about our relationships with digital platforms.

How to become a contagiouos optimist ?

A practical and pragmatic guide to how happiness is the key yo success, not the other way around. Do you know what the "Zorro Circle" is ? Through surprising titles and playful exercises, Shawn Achor illustrates life-changing rituals. A true manual of happiness.

The difficulty in defining sexual health

What is good sexual health ? By not neglecting any of aspects, between physical, psychological, cognitive or medical dimension, the answer are more subtile than one might expect.

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