Challenges : 

To help you take action !

Accessible to all, regardless of your level of knowledge, experience or skills, maars challenges are an excellent way to get started. Think of it as a custom-made sprint to empower you to take action, discover new concepts and ideas and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

Each challenge is built on the same educational basis

  • A topic that can be open or specific

  • Precise timeframe

  • Accessible in just a few minutes per day

  • A commitment to success

  • Videos, quizzes and challenges

  • Resources to go further

Ready to take on one or several challenges?

Now you just have to take action ! New challenges are regularly added.


21 days to become the best version of yourself !


It is time to finally unlock your full potential to become a better person, a more attentive spouse, a more successful colleague and/or a more attentive parent.


Tested and approved by thousands of people, this challenge is a program that was created to help you become a better version of yourself. This program, built around 5 pillars (mission, action, autonomy, relationships and health) was designed to create rapid changes.


Boost your self-confidence to succeed in everything you do !


What if it was finally time to step up a gear ? To do this, we will help you to increase your self-confidence, to overcome your limiting beliefs and to assert yourself to become more independent. With this 6-day challenge, you will transform from the inside out and make self-confidence an essential asset to your success.


Take back control and become the master of your time !


24 hours can go by very quickly. Too quickly. With the MASTER OF TIME Challenge, we give you the keys to optimize your time, better organize yourself, avoid wasting time and know how to manage your priorities. With this 6-day challenge, you will live every second to the fullest to build an active, energetic and effective personal, family and professional life. Ready to take back control of the clock ?

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